The Best Sites for Finding Acupuncture


Finding acupuncture can be more difficult than it should be.  Although it can seem an easy task, it actually requires a lot more thought than you would think.  Although finding an acupuncturist isn’t a hard task in itself, find the right acupuncturist is far more difficult.  That’s why you need to ensure you get all of your information from reliable and reputable sources that are relevant in your country.

When choosing between different acupuncture practitioners, you should consider several different factors.  These factors include experience, reviews, professionalism, and area of specialty.

If you are Canadian (like myself), then you will be looking for acupuncture within Canada.  If want to find acupuncture within Canada,  then my personal favorite website is Find Acupuncture Canada.  It shows only the best rated and received acupuncturists across Canada.  Although their location base is quite small right now, it is expected to grow quite significantly in the coming future.

If you live in the US, you will need a different US-based website to help you find the best practitioner.  In my opinion, the best site for US residents is here, where you can find a qualified and experienced practitioner at any major city across the US.

Again, you will have to find a directory or information website that is specialized in your specific country of residence.  So find a reputable directory based on your country (since there are obviously too many countries and too many websites to list here).

Google Reviews and other such services (Yelp can be a useful resource as well) can also be useful in order to vet and review your choice after searching through a directory.  Remember, no single website or resource is enough to solely base your choice off of.  You need to consult a variety of sources and information from a set of reputable and respected organizations.

Drinking Water in Order to Lose Weight

Drinking water is one of the few things that people don’t consider when they are trying to make up a diet plan.  Little did you know, water actually affects it in a number of ways.  While traditional thinking says that you should consume less when you are trying to lose weight, science actually dictates otherwise.  Mild dehydration can actually lead to you misinterpreting thirst as hunger, and eating when you aren’t actually hungry!

Watch the video above for a more comprehensive look into how to factor water intake into your diet plan.